Friday, May 13, 2005

dancing like a banshee

My mood has lifted quite a bit. The human mind and psyche is so fascinating and weird. I once heard that you can't feel both sadness and joy at the same time. I think its probably true. So if you want to avoid sadness, find an activity that makes you feel good or happy or that brings laughter. The other night, I decided to crank up the Newsboys and my kids and I danced like wild banshees in the kitchen to the blaring jamming music, clapping our hands, spinning around, not trying to impress anybody. It was so much fun and I felt so great afterwards! I danced for 30 minutes probably looking a bit like a complete moron, but I didn't care. My kids and I do this on occasion and I think we need to do it more.

I am heading on an adventure this weekend - to Matagorda Bay and then to Matagorda Island to explore the estuary/bay ecosystem and the beach/dune ecosystem respectively for my Houston Biodiversity Atlas I am writing. I love being out in the field tromping around and seeing wildlife - hope to catch a view of an Aplomado falcon on the island. I always wonder why more women don't like putting on a pair of hip waders and slogging around in the swamps, or exploring the wilderness, looking for wildlife. It is such a blast! I'll try to upload some photos.

A couple weeks ago, I went to High Island and saw the cutest little fuzzy pink baby roseate spoonbills at the rookery at Claybottom Pond. Completely melted my heart. Major alligators slurking all around the island, hoping to nibble one that falls... isn't it a trip that without the gators the whole rookery couldn't exist because coons and coyotes would get in and eat everything. Wow.

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