Monday, August 22, 2005


Dedicated to my friend Bill Balboa who makes me laugh out loud and first introduced me to the world of weenuses (and he is definitely not a weenus) I have started a new blog WEENUS - check it out

"A site to report all the weenuses in the world and all the crappy things they do. Send in your stories and I'll post them anonymously"

WEENUS: loose skin on your elbow according to urbandictionary. Dude your weenus is showing! Do you have any lotion? My weenus is dry.

WEENUS (my definition): Dimrods of the human race of all ilk and variety

And to describe the ultimate WEENUS: There is no knight in shining armor. There are only knights that come dashing up on their high horse, sweep you off of your feet, and jab their jousting stick through your heart.

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