Monday, October 23, 2006

the free agent

I love this... this is me!

"The Organization Man is history. Taking his place is America's new economic icon: the Free Agent: the job-hopping, tech-savvy, fulfillment-seeking, self-reliant, independent worker. Already 30 million strong, these new "dis-organization" men & women are transforming America in ways both profound & exhilarating."

--Daniel H. Pink


Wendee said...

Have you read the rest of his book - A Whole New Mind? It'll give you even more encouragement! :)

Lisa Sullivan said...

Oh shoot! I think I fall into this category too. I'm DYING to get out of teaching!! I'm looking for something more fulfilling and yes...I said teaching. You might ask how can teaching not be fulfilling? It is. Don't get me wrong. I just need a change.

Your quote just confirmed that. Thanks! :) Wish me luck!!