Thursday, November 23, 2006

a grateful people

A Grateful People
by Watermark

Have we waited far too long to surrender
Forgive us Oh God the years
We failed to seek your face
Oh Lord, your mercy turns us into
Grateful people
We can’t seem to find the words
So take our lives that there might be enough
To tell you how grateful
Lord, we are grateful

The lyrics and the song are one of the most beautiful, powerful, moving songs I've heard and it is my Thanksgiving sentiment to everyone. You can listen here.

It is on the Watermark CD "a grateful people".

Off to spend the day with family! Love and gratitude to all who love with genuine hearts, all my friends and family. Thanks to God for all the beauty in the natural world, for wildlife, for children, for laughter, for the ability to make a difference in the world and for all those who fight the good fight despite seemingly overwhelming odds sometimes. Peace!

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