Sunday, January 21, 2007

following Darwin's footsteps

I leave Friday for the Galapagos Islands - which are 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador - and finally am getting excited about the trip. I'd been so consumed by my Discovery Channel project I didn't even have time to think about the "Encantadas" or bewitched islands as they once were called.

I am finished with the Discovery Channel project now (whew!) and my animal profiles will appear online sometime in mid-February at I wrote all the animal profiles for Deserts, Shallow Seas, Mountains, Seasonal Forests, and Jungles.

I also have an article on Kemp's ridley sea turtles coming out in Defenders Magazine in their Winter 2007 issue. I already have seen the print copy but it won't be online until Jan 29 or so, but since I'll be gone then I'll include the link and you can visit if you see this post-Jan 29! It will be at (as of right now it is still at Fall 2006).

So now I am going to watch a video on the islands and relax. Things are great, and I feel very blessed! Wishing all my friends and visitors peace and abundant joy! (LOL I originally wrote "abundant oy" - ha ha! :)


Anonymous said...

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Wendee said...

You've been so crazy busy! Woo! Isn't it great to work! Keep at it, girl! Have a great trip and take lots and lots of photos for us. Big hugs :)

Sus said...

Can't wait to read the Discovery article, I'm sure it's bound to be awesome! I forget how long you said this trip was, when will you be back in the US?

Miranda said...

So jealous! It's going to be extraordinary. Take alot of photos please!

Anonymous said...
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