Thursday, May 17, 2007

koala article... and my first podcast

I traveled down to University of Houston campus to record my first podcast at the KUHF studios. This was a podcast where I was interviewed by OnEarth magazine editor Laura Wright about my article that will appear in their upcoming Autumn issue about The Compact, a movement to stop buying new "stuff" to combat the negative environmental impacts of consumerism. Recording is always fun, and I've definitely gotten more comfortable the more times I do it. The first time I was God-awful! Anyway, I'll link to the podcast when it appears online, probably in a few weeks.

I'm heading to Colorado Bend State Park with Sam and his 5th grade class tomorrow for a 3-day camping trip. Should be fun!

Oh look! My article on koalas "Will Urban Sprawl K.O. the Koala?" is out in the latest National Wildlife magazine. It talks about how they have koala ambulances and a crew of volunteers that rescue koalas hit by cars. Cool beans. I also interviewed Dr. Jon Hanger from Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo's Wildlife Hospital.

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Lisa Sullivan said...

Wendee...I absolutely loved the article and I can't wait to hear your podcast. How exciting for you! Podcasts, like writing, can be addictive. out! :-)