Sunday, July 01, 2007

Finally...newsrooms reach out to help

Well here I was about to applaud CNN (or rather for heralding a new thing on their site that allows people to donate to some of the top causes that help poverty, hunger, animals, etc. They just relaunched their website with a new look, and this full color banner was there linking to "Impact Your World." They have a photo of a child and it says above it "What Would Happen if Everybody Cared?" I thought, wow, this is awesome! Finally a news company has taken responsibility and gone to the step of actually helping make people more aware of steps that they can take to HELP solve some of the world's problems, rather than just reading about them. When I clicked on the link it brings you to another CNN site with links to various world issues, including refugees and homelessness, hunger, animals, natural disasters, poverty, and health and this literally brought tears to my eyes.

But then this morning I went back and the banner is not even on the front page anymore! I was like, what the heck?! Why launch some whole new initiative and only feature it for half a day?! What good is that?! I guess Paris Hilton or celebrity news has suddenly become as important again... I went back again and it's there again, but apparently it is labeled as "advertisement" (even though it's an official CNN initiative and site) so it pops up now and again but is not a permanent link. Why?!

Here is the link.

I suspect they will link this to stories that relate to these specific issues, but I think they should have it on the website front page all the time! Also, I found it ironic that they have "animals" but not "environment" because oddly enough newsrooms call the environment a "side" instead of just an issue like poverty. You can be pro-environment and that is supposedly showing a bias. Can you be pro-poverty or anti-poverty? Doesn't everyone in their right mind want no poverty and a clean, healthy environment? Agreeing on the terms of those issues and how to solve them is a whole 'nother can o' worms, but for goodness sake, we should certainly be able to agree that "environment" is as neutral as "poverty" - i.e. it's just a term describing a phenomenon or an issue. I guess the right-wing fundies might get up in arms if anyone considered the environment just another issue that needs listing on their save the world campaign!

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Sus said... and yet how weird....why would they list it as an "advertisement?" I know from my own web surfing ways that if I suspect the banner to be an ad I sure as heck ain't gonna click on it!

Anyway, do you have a account? I've been a member there for a number of years and you can do the whole "click" to help feed or save or...and with each click the advertisers donate money (?) or supplies.

I also just picked-up the latest Vanity Fair, the one edited by Bono as an effort to get out more info on Africa and such.