Sunday, July 29, 2007

weekend with the girls

I have two of my close friends in town, Daline and Laurie. It's so cool to get my friends together who don't know each other and have us all hang out. Friday Laurie got in from San Antonio and we drove down to Galveston to pick up Daline. We went to the Strand and walked around a bit (a historic shopping district). Then we drove to Rice University and I showed them where I went to school. I walked to my lab (my college ID still works as a key card - go figure) and saw a few old friends. We went to Valhalla which is the campus pub, that looks a bit like a hobbit hole. We had a couple drinks there and then went to Rice Village and met another friend, Clea, who is still in grad school. Rice Village is another shopping area with a lot of restaurants, shops, and bars.

My favorite Greek restaurant (Dimassi's) went out of business, I'm so bummed! So we went to Mi Luna which is a Spanish Tapas bar and it is really good too. We sat on the patio and ate lots of yummy things and had a great time. Clea is going back to Italy soon and I told her I'm coming to visit! My Check Engine light blinked on driving back from Galveston and my car was not getting gas properly because it was jumping. This makes me very nervous! But the light stopped blinking and went away. Well we got back in the car heading home and it was on permanently. We made it home, but I am not driving again until Monday when I'm going to take it to the shop.

Yesterday we went and got some groceries and then went to see the movie I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry which was really funny and brought up some good issues the nation needs to reckon with. I liked it. Tonight I'm having a party with some friends and I can't wait! Woohoo!!! But first we're going to church!


Sus said...

I LOVE the name of that pub, Valhalla!

Now as for going to see Chuck & Larry...BLECH!! How could you??!! *lol*

Unknown said...

What's wrong with Chuck & Larry? The movie was hilarious and I thought it also raised some very good points about tolerance. Hatred is such a part of our society towards people different than us, unfortunately, that I'm all for anything that promotes a broader tolerance toward people.

Sus said...

Oh gosh, no that's not what I was saying. Gee, I'm probably the biggest fag hag there is! *lol* Heck, look at my recent blog post!

I just don't care for that kind of (what I consider) juvenille humour. I love Adam Sandler when he actually plays a character with depth, such as in "Reign Over Me" or "Spanglish."

"Chuck & Larry" just seems, IMHO, very cheesy and preachy. If we want to talk about a flick that had some depth to it without taking itself too seriously about acceptance of gay couples then "The Birdcage" is the primo example.