Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas photos

This was Sam and I (self-portrait) working on the gingerbread house. Notice the mess he has all over his face - FROSTING!! Busted!
Grandpa Skip working with Sam on the gingerbread house. Note the "evil" crazy Sam in the background. Watch out, he's wielding a spatula!
The final product! I made a crystallized ginger chimney, and Sam made a window from cranberries and poppy seeds. Carob chips on the bottom and a candy cane! We made it all natural. Well I guess the candy canes are not natural...
The cutie pies with their presents on Christmas morning!
The kids got a foosball/air hockey table and ye old kitty cat decided SHE wanted to play. I swear, this cat thinks she is a human. Note the photo below, also. Whatever the kids do she likes to copy. She will sit in the chair that one of the kids used earlier for like an hour! Especially when there's something new in the house, she's enthralled. She and her sis got some presents in their stocking and they loved them. Well all except the kitty sweater which she wasn't too crazy about. ;)
This is fuzzy but it illustrates my point above perfectly... she sat here for I think an hour!!!


Lisa Sullivan said...

Awwww! I miss you guys!! I even miss the cats. :)

Looks like y'all had a wonderful Christmas. Maybe one weekend in 08 I can make it out to Houston to visit. We'll have to see.

Happy New Year too, my friend!

Unknown said...

hey Lis- I miss you too - it would be great if you visited Houston!!! The kitties (and the kiddos) say hi, and I just got in town to your holiday letter and will go read it in a few minutes!! :)