Sunday, April 05, 2009

I love Black Hockey Jesus!

Juvenile green sea turtle in a facility in Florida that I visited while a participant in the Scripps Howard Institute on the Environment for journalists.
Copyright (c) 2006 Wendee Holtcamp

I think I am in love. With Black Hockey Jesus.

OK no it's not romantic love. Certainly not erotic love - much as he he might like to think or wish or hope from his latest blog post - that his blog title Wind in Your Vagina might inspire erotic thoughts... but it's love nonetheless. And in writing this, I can not even hope to be half or even a quarter or a duotrigintillionth as witty and random and strange and poetically charming and moving as his blog is, but I can be inspired. (I also have to admit my boyfriend, on me reading the post to him, said, "Is he married? He seems like a perfect match for you.") Ha! I thought that was quite humorous. Was he jealous? Trying to pawn me off to someone more writerly than he? I had to wonder.

I must admit vainglory to having him write a whole blog post about me - Science. OK that is an exaggeration. It's not ALL about me. It's really about him writing about me writing about him. But he mentioned being wedged in between cyanobacteria and parthenogenesis and how cool that was (amidst a bunch of other
mildly insane random thoughts - I say this in the kindest of ways). When I read it I laughed out loud and had a grin you couldn't wipe off my face. Call it my own vanity, I admit it! Because he's just brilliant.

Anyway, if you get a chance, and I hope you do, read this completely gorgeous essay he wrote about his daughter on her 5th birthday. It will bring you to tears. Just reminds me of that amazing beauty of being a parent that you experience when kids are so young and innocent and wise and alive all at the same time. As he writes in the sidebar describing the title of his blog:

I took Jackson (9) to soccer practice, put Lucy (4) on a swing, and sat on a bench to read. Lucy screamed, “The wind, Daddy! The wind! It feels so nice. It’s nice in my vagina!” I looked at my daughter. She appeared to me in this context as the radical opposite of all dead things.

Profound! So here's his essay, 5, about his daughter. It is worth your time! Here's a snippet:

When I was 18-years-old I was not so happy. One time I stood on a dock that stretched way out onto a frozen lake. I cried icicles, clenched my fists, and screamed until my throat hurt. I screamed at the dark and dared it to come get me. I said Well come get me then! I am not so afraid of you! I wanted to run as fast as I could to the end of the dock and leap right into the dark. I was not so happy.

But many years later, when you were born, when you were no more than a couple handfuls of raging pink littleness, the very first thing you did was change everything. When I saw you I shuddered with my whole body. The room rippled. I gasped. The future filtered through your open eyes. Your wail rewrote the past. That shuddering ripple changed everyone I ever was. You ran all the way back to that dock and whispered in my ear Don’t you jump into the dark just yet, mister. You will one day be my Daddy.

WOW!!!!! It was reprinted in a magazine, even. And his commenters are so funny too! I guess witty writers attract witty readers. And some of them have even migrated and checked out my blog - hello Black Hockey Jesus fans! Oops, I just wrote Black Hokey Jesus. Hey BHJ, maybe you should add that to your Google alerts? (By the way my new love, BHJ, you gave me a great idea, to add my name to Google Alerts. I do admit to vainly Googling my name now and then...why not have them come to me?)

But speaking of science (and math) and Google, did you know that 'Googol' is the term for 1^100? It is also the word that the company Google meant to call their company but apparently someone there (or many people) couldn't spell. It was also a winning answer on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in the UK. And other names for it are ten duotrigintillion, ten thousand sexdecillion, or ten sexdecilliard. Who even knew such words existed?! I learned these factoids when science writer Carl Zimmer's daughter recently wrote it out and it took 5 minutes to write all those zeros, and he posted this to his Facebook status updates. And I didn't know what the heck a Googol was, so I .... Googled it. Then I read the entry in Wikipedia. So there ya go. God Bless the internet! Back to shark parthenogenesis I go...

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