Saturday, March 13, 2010

Naked bath-body groupon and free hugs day

My day in pictures...

The first order of business for the day was lunch at the Black Walnut Cafe in Rice Village. I had a side Greek Salad and a Roasted Vegetable Omelette - both of which were divinely delicious! Highly recommended! I got Daline the roses just because, they spoke her name when I saw them, and she's been working so hard at her education in all things music. Viva Spring Break! We tried for weeks and weeks to schedule this day to get together and use the "groupon" she'd gotten me for Christmas and we finally found the perfect day. And it was a perfect day! The weather was absolutely amazingly delicious, all sunshine and breeze and beauty.
After an early lunch, we walked over to Naked Body+Bath. I'd never heard of the place before Daline got me this gift for X-mas, but it's very cool! You create your own fragrances for lotions, perfumes, shampoos, bath gel or whatever you pick. We both opted to use our money toward a lotion using the Pink Sugar-Milk and Honey scent combo we made up, plus we each got a free make-your-own cologne.
Even without buying something, you get a free foot soak with a fizzing bath bomb, plus after the soak, they give you some Happy Feet sea salt scrub to rub and scrub your feet with, which makes your feet as soft as a baby's bottom. Then you rinse that off, they dry your feet, then they give you some Happy Feet lotion to rub in. Last, they spray the Happy Feet spray! It makes your feet happy warm and tingly for about 30 minutes afterwards. The Happy Feet line smells really good. It's got a mix of oil of mint thyme, peppermint, tea tree, and lavender. Time to check out! We had quite the adventure at the check-out counter, with us and the lady mixing, spilling, mixing more, adding more fragrance...We accidentally tumped some mica glitter all over the counter so we added that to the lotion, and then all over us as well. I swear by the time we left the place you could smell us from Timbuktu!
Having fun with lotion!
Next mission - FREE HUGS! We walked to the front of Rice Village on Morningside, and started giving out hugs. Umm, Daline? Your sign is upside down! :) We met up with an old friend of Daline's (Clint) from way back in the days that she had first met me, some 20 years or so ago, who took most of these pics!
As we like to say Amigas siempre!
Would you like a hug? Maybe? Come on, you know you want one!
OK, a sideways hug will do. He talked to us a while, and I think got a second hug later!
They were sitting on a bench close by, and after a while came over and asked us what this was all about. We explained there's no strings attached - just hugs! We talked a bit about India, where they're from. I spent a night there near Darjeeling back in 07, while trekking through Nepal! Yes it does look like I'm tickling him but I swear I'm not! Ha ha!
Hugs R Us!
These folks just loved the hug concept! They each got hugs from both of us and wanted to take pictures!
Hey that guy's cute!
Him too!
Hugs make the world go 'round! Take one, pass it on!
Daline gave out the roses later in the day!Whew all that hugging was hard work. We were worn out, and decided to go across the street to get some Nachos Cubanos - nachos with plantains and black beans (yum!) at El Meson Cuban Restaurant. And while at a Cuban resturant how could I not sample a mojito, since after all I am on an international quest for the ultimate mojito, and mojitos are a Cuban drink! And GUESS WHAT?! I found it!! This is the best mojito I have had the world round!! It was very delicious, just perfectly made! That makes sense, since it's a Cuban resturant... my previous favorite was in the Hotel Oro Verde bar in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

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Chirin (Daline) said...

An absolutely fabulous day with an absolutely fabulous friend! Couldn't have been better:)