Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 7: Blue sky!

It was a rare blue sky day in the Bering Sea and everyone was in good spirits! I love the way this image catches the sunlight sparkling on the ocean. Since the sky was clear I told everyone to stay up late for a sunset viewing party! I tried to get others to stay up for the previous day's Bongo nets, but no one did. Rachel did wake herself up at 230am to see them.
Speaking of Bongo nets, here are a few shots of the crew putting the Bongo nets in the ocean, which are used to scoop up up krill, copepods, and other zooplankton at night,.
Another shot of the Bongo nets. Tracy and Pat on the left and Megan on the right.
It's a little out of focus but this is Megan and Tracy with their catch.
A view of the ocean and sky from the side of the ship. I love the way the sunlight sparkles on the water in this image. If you enlarge it, you can see the way the ocean looked through binoculars while I watched a pod of Dall's porpoises dance in the waves. It was that midnight blue-black, with wavelets inside of waves. Mesmerizing.
Someone joked the first day or so, "Whose this Roger guy they keep talking to on the radios"? I found him! Had his nose to the wall in a corner. He must have gotten in trouble.
Greg thought Roger needed a hug.
This was taken a couple days back actually but this is Colin at work in the glove bag - aka the love bag. See mom, he's smiling! That's Rachel to the right of him.
While walking around the ship, I realized I hadn't taken a photo of this view of the vessel yet. This is from the main deck facing towards the bow. The fantail (where a lot of the research takes place) is behind this shot.
Sean Brennan (a grad student at University of Alaska-Fairbanks) and I goofing around on the deck while the sun was shining- my first self-portrait!
Lorelei and I thought we should make a calendar "BEST men of science" - he he.
Colin and Sean make the calendar's first pages for sure. It's too bad my sexy boyfriend Doug isn't here - he'd make the calendar for sure!!
I saw this, and it reminded me of something my daughter would take a photo of. She has a way of making the most mundane ordinary thing look interesting in photos! I am not sure I managed to make this interesting to anyone else (nor do I know what it is), but I like the way it looks. I was inside the mess hall when I noticed the sun starting to go down, and I quickly took this shot through the window. I love the salt-splattered look of this shot taken through the window.
The sunset at around 11:30pm. I love the way this catches the ocean movement and the sun's golden rays dancing on the water.
Pastels as the sun sets.
The sun fell below the horizon but the sunset lingered for another hour.
I took some shots of the incubation experiments on board while the sky was blue and the sun was setting. Looks pretty cool.
Another shot of the incubators. Krill caught in the Bongo nets are growing in here!
This isn't a good shot but these are three thick-billed murres that were out on the water as the sun was getting low. They look like penguins when they're flying! Of course, penguins don't fly...
The 3/4 moon was out - so beautiful!
The moon rising over the sea.
I love this shot. My daughter taught me that my camera could shoot in RAW so I took several of these in RAW and then couldn't figure out how to open them in Photoshop! Thank God for the internet... I figured it out. Oh, and by the way the clouds are back today...


Melissa Gaskill said...

Enjoyed this post, Wendee - great pics! I'll buy the science guy calendar. :-)
Looks like lots of good science going on.

Jim Mau said...

Wendee - do you get to see 'the green flash' that far north?

Unknown said...

I don't know Jim - the scientists were discussing it the other day! Both times I saw the sun go down there were low-lying clouds on the horizon so I wouldnt have seen it if it was there.