Monday, July 01, 2013

Sustainable farming in Costa Rica - bananas!

EARTH bananas on the shelves at Whole Foods in Houston. 
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“The most effective way of alleviating poverty is to give opportunities to kids who come from poor areas. Education is the greatest tool we have.” - José Zaglul, President of EARTH University

My latest article came out today! I researched this piece when I went to Costa Rica in April. The pub even used several of my images in the article (including the one above). The 2013 trip was actually my second time to EARTH University, and in fact the first time I went -- to report on the Planet, People, Peace conference on sustainable ecotourism - I was so impressed I decided I wanted to write an article about the university itself. And delving into the history and operations of the university during my article research I became that much more impressed with the place. They have an "upside down education" model that helps students who may not have had as much education as those from say the U.S., and they put them in the field right away, learning practical techniques. They give them money to run a business for 2 years, and then they have classwork. Nearly everyone has financial aid, and more than half get their full tuition paid for. Everyone I met was so passionate about their work there.

The article is....
Food from EARTH: Sustainable Farming in Action in Environmental Health Perspectives July issue.

Or, you can also view the PDF version here, which has a magazine-style layout, which I prefer!

Let me know what you think if you read it! I really enjoyed reporting this piece. Leave comments! Anonymously if you want :)

I just finished another piece on Costa Rica's efforts towards carbon-neutrality, and my next project is to study for the GRE for my grad school application. I'm seriously considering applying to a JD/PhD program at Stanford -- just because I don't want a life for the next 4 years!! Right?! You with me? Wish me luck...


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Very interesting. I learned today that Costa Rica uses more pesticides than any other Central American country because of the banana and pinapple plantations. That stains the "green" image quite a bit and would be worth a deeper look.

Unknown said...

Oh yea definitely they use a lot of pesticides. More than any other country, almost, from what I read!! Check out my article if you're interested :) It talks all about this, though mostly about the sustainable efforts of EARTH bananas, which are pretty cool. You can buy them in Whole Foods!