Saturday, February 25, 2017

Choose Joy - t-shirts to raise funds for adoption!

I have not fallen off the planet, despite me seeming to have, given the serious lack of attention to my blog here! I want to start blogging again but then life gets so busy. So here I am! And I have a few announcements to make, but let me make them day by day...

First, the most wonderful news is that I have adopted a beautiful 11-year old Batwa girl who was a "double orphan" (both parents gone) from the village where I have worked in Southwest Uganda the past few years. She has lived with me for more than a year and we finalized the adoption in Uganda (but not yet in the US) in November last year. So blessed! However, to offset the costs of lawyer fees, visas, and an upcoming trip to America (her first of course), I'm raising funds. I have a T-shirt fundraiser that will run for just 13 more days.

Below are a few pics of the colors and styles available, and let me say, they are gorgeous!! My bio daughter Savannah designed the logo - she is so talented (she also had designed our logo). I had the idea for the dandelion and using the Choose Joy saying which of course is part of my daughter's name - Joyce - plus a hat tip to Joy, a Batwa lady from my village who recently joined the angels in heaven.

Shipping is only $4.97 no matter HOW many you order! And these below are just SOME of the items. "Joyce Adoption Fundraiser" on

Women's cut

Women's flowy tank

Women's flowy tank in Coral
 Unisex V-neck in Espresso
 Hoodie in green
Youth T

Women's cut in neon green
Youth T in purple

Many more -- please buy by March 8th! 


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