Thursday, June 21, 2007

highlights from Yosemite and San Fran

Got in at 1am last night from an awesome trip. I haven't uploaded the pics yet, but will soon. Just wanted to post some highlights. Also my OnEarth podcast is now live (an interview of me by OnEarth editor Laura Wright), and Alternet picked up my article (30 Days of Consumer Celibacy) and they have a whole discussion forum devoted to it, which is kind of cool. There are people discussing it, mentioning the best points, even calling me lazy and then others defending me. It's great - my own little mini-celebrity forum! I have to laugh because I like to call myself a Q-list celebrity. Ha!

Anyway on to the highlights:


  • Seeing Zofia, niece Kira and brother Lazer

  • Seeing a black bear rooting up food in a meadow near Crane Flat

  • Hiking to Dog Lake and lying on a rock in the sun

  • Playing in the snow (my kids' first time to ever see snow!) and watching them laugh, make a snowman, throw snowballs, slide down the snowpack.

  • The beautiful crystal clear Merced River. The kids swam with Lazer while Z and I hung out and chatted, though I did go in to the very cold river later. It took my breath away!

  • The short walk to the Lower Yosemite Falls with Sam, Savannah and Kira and climbing over the boulders to get closer. Feeling the spray on our faces.

  • Listening to Kira and Sam laughing in the backseat of the rental car playing Tamigachi (sp) as they would send "poop" in the mail to one another via their electronic game! LOL.


  • Spending time getting to know Daline's mom and sister Jackie better, and of course seeing Daline!

  • Showing the kids an alternate way of life, and discussing with them different religions, and Buddhism as a philosophy and the similarities of its teachings to Christianity.

  • Watching my best friend dedicate her life to the 10 precepts, which are very similar to the 10 commandments. The ceremony had me tearing up a couple of times!

  • Getting a tour of the organic garden at the Center, where Daline had worked. They had a gorgeous flower garden. The kids enjoyed this too.

  • Walking down to Muir Beach.


  • My 2nd visit to Muir Woods and the kids' first. I love how the vegetation reminds me of my childhood forests in Oregon (though no coastal redwoods there). It's always beautiful and we just did the basic hike down and back to the visitor center.

  • Eating a 4-course meal at the Melting Pot fondue place!! We had cheese fondue, then salad, then you cook your food in bouillon (filet minon, teriyaki beef, chicken, shrimp, ahi tuna, and veggies) and then for the grand finale, chocolate fondue. Yum!

  • Fisherman's Wharf in SF was really cool. I got a couple sweatshirts for the kids, and a few gifts for people. Just walking around was neat!

  • Lunch at the Boudin Bakery - chowder in a bread bowl! I seem to be overcoming my gluten allergy as I'm not reacting like I used to.

  • Seeing the sea lions at Pier 39.

  • I wanted to go to Alcatraz but we didn't have time. Next visit! It was neat to see it offshore though.

  • I'm glad that the kids had such a great time and got to do a lot of cool things and see a lot of neat new places and things. It was a great trip!

Pics soon.

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