Thursday, August 30, 2007

Visiting Glacier National Park

Dad and Wendee's trip to Glacier National Park. We drove from dad's cabin near Deer Island, OR to Montana and stayed at Glacier NP for several days, and then drove back to the Seattle/Tacoma area where I met up with my cousin Holly and her kiddos. This is dad and I on the roadside inside Glacier NP, at a scenic spot. Not a great photo but the best I could do! Glacier NP used to have 150 glaciers, but today only 26 remain - one fewer than last year's 27. Global warming hits the high mountain areas faster than elsewhere.
A gorgeous view of the mountains.

A coyote at Two Dogs Flat (left). Dad at Josephine Lake (right).

Lucas M, a graduate student, took Dad and I out in the field to look for pika, which he studies for his doctoral work. These are the talus slopes we climbed up!

Can you spot the pika?
Here I am! Squeak squeak!

This is my favorite shot. This was on the Trail to Hidden Lake, at Logan Pass behind the visitor's center. I was blown away by this entire hike!

A shot of people hiking the Trail (same one as above, at Logan Pass). The boardwalk protects the fragile alpine vegetation.

Another shot on the same trail.

Yet another gorgeous scene on the same trail. I love how we're literally hiking through and near the clouds.

To the left, the Canadian and U.S.A. flags fly near the Logan Pass visitor's center. Glacier National Park borders Canada and has a sister park, Waterton N.P., on the Canadian side. To the right, another shot on the Trail to Hidden Lake.

The mountain goat on the left was near Hidden Lake, and the one on the right seems to be nearly enshrouded by clouds.

A mountain goat kid - how cute! And a vocal chubby little Columbian ground squirrel.


Wendee said...

OMG. You realize that Glacier is my Jan's favorite spot on Earth? Besides being next to me, in Lake Tahoe? ;) We went last summer - drizzley weather. Your trip looks just wonderful.

TXsharon said...

B e a u t i f u l

I'm ready to go!

Unknown said...

Hey Wendee - no I didn't know that was Jan's favorite place!! How cool. It' smy dad's favorite place too, so it was special to be able to share it with him. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots, Wendee! Nicely done.


Unknown said...

Add me to the list of folks who rate Glacier as a favorite. Your photos are great.
Almost diverted to GNP on the bike trip, but it was early in the season so abandoned that idea. Those photos make me want to return soon.


Anonymous said...

Once again, i live vicariously through your travels. This place is amazing! I am glad you were able to experience it with someone so special to you.

Theresa P.

Anonymous said...

OK, i admit, GNP is my favorite place too. Outstanding pika pics!
It was super fun hanging out with you and your pops.