Wednesday, October 31, 2007

in Bangkok!!!!

I'm at the Bangkok airport hanging out with Tom! The brand new airport is amazing, very open and 21st century. But the most amazing thing is after a nearly 15-hour flight I got an amaaaazzzziiiiinnnnngggggg Thai massage. It's like getting yoga done to your body. And get this -- 45 minutes for $16 USDollars!!!!! Or 500 baht. Woohoo!! My calves were sooo sore from teh flight I thought I was gonna die. So this was perfect. And now I'm drinking a mocha and hanging out with some other people heading to Kathmandu also. We have a 5-hour layover and we leave in 3 hours or so. And this may be the last I'll email again but maybe when I'm in Kathmandu. We'll see!! Ciao!

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