Thursday, June 18, 2009

yer FACE!

Unripened Blueberries, Copyright (c) 2009 Savie Holtcamp

This conversation will probably not make sense to anyone else but it has me laughing so hard I just have to try to translate. It all started when we were blueberry picking Monday, me, Sam, Savannah and Doug. Savannah and Sam, being siblings, tend to have an arguing problem. I hate arguing. Savannah was calling him lemonade face, or so I thought, or something to that effect and so I had to get onto her about insulting him. She sulked and hid in a blueberry bush and took photos.

Later that evening over a lovely dinner of chicken enchiladas, we were talking about the unfairness of my getting "mad" at her over what she said. Apparently they weren't arguing but "your face" is something "all the kids" say. Why the heck didn't I know this? She started telling me how everyone says, "your mom," and "your face," after pretty much anything and everything. When I acted like I didn't know this, which truly I didn't, she teased me saying if she was talking about the Hipposchleatis gingipliatus [insert random scientific sounding word here] I would know exactly what she was talking about, but I don't know what "your face" means. Doug pipes in, "And then she would say, Oh yes that is a fungus that grows on the humpy tree in the rainforests of Peru. I'm a scientist. I know these things." Ha ha! I can't get a break around here!

So anyway tonight I was putting her to bed and she continues schooling me on the nature of "your face," and how out of date I am to not know this. I said I'm going to start saying Your Face randomly all the time to be cool. He he. She said I grew up soooo long ago it was like the Ho age. I was like, the WHAT?! The HO AGE? What the heck? She said, no I think it was the hobo age, you guys wore awful clothes and had hair that went like this, and she did this really schnazzy little whirly twirly movement around her head I suppose symbolizing big hair. Your face!

I don't remember all that ensued, but suffice it to say I could barely breathe leaving the room!! But I had to write up the humpy tree story from Monday night because it was so funny!!! And I love Your Face!!!! Oh, one of the last things she said was that it's not Your face, it's Yer Face. So there!

Sam and I clowning around.
Unintentional closeup - trying to take a self-portrait does not always work!

The cuteness!

Sam shows his berries, Doug shows his pearly whites. :)


Sus said...

I'm getting quite the education in the 20-something generation of speak from do I feel out-of-the-loop!!! *lol*

Jake Kampe said...

Hi Wendee - Really enjoy your thoughts in you blog. I especially like what your had to say about fundamentalists and Maunday Thursday. Keep writing from your heart! Check out my blog when you get a chance! Peace & Blessings!