Friday, April 02, 2010


Sally lightfoot crabs in the Galapagos Islands
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Boy howdy that was a busy coupla weeks. I love when I turn in an article. It's such a great feeling to know that one major assignment is done, and there's a lag before the next one so I can actually breathe.... In fact I actually did not have another assignment at all, but wha-la, what happened? I got an email at the gym this evening on my Crackberry getting a green light on a story I'd queried one of my favorite magazines on. Yay! God is good. I don't know deadline yet, and anyway, in the meantime I have to get crack-a-lacking on revising and editing some of my book which I need to turn in to be reviewed by agents and editors at the Writing Away retreat next month. My deadline is in 4 days - ack!

I wanted to follow up on my "monthly resolutions" I mentioned in January. That month's resolution was clean-purge and the funny (or not so funny) thing was that the book cancellation thing happened then... it was a little bit of irony from God I suppose. And my relationship started to fall apart. Right now it's pretty much in the grave. I'm fine, actually, but have moments of sadness for what could have been. But anyway back to January resolutions. One positive thing I've kept is that I have been very good at picking things up right away, and not leaving things laying around. I like to do that anyway but I've been even better. I'm also getting better at flossing regularly. So these are two permanent changes as a result of focusing on it for one month.

February and March I focused on ending negativity. To be honest, I don't think that I did anything really active with this one. I signed up for a "40 Days from Negativity" daily email but I got so busy I ended up deleting them each day, and they're in a series so I'm hoping I can start over... But the strangest thing is that even though I didn't actively do anything, journal about negativity or set concrete goals I can say that I'm much more joyful and feel really great in the past two months! I've made a couple of really great new friends and I know beyond a doubt God placed them in my life to fill the void left when D went offshore (and is now gone forever in my life - well we're still friends of course). I've continued working out almost daily and have friends to do it with too! That is so motivational. Speaking of working out I did spinning class today for the first time in like 5 years and wow! THAT was a workout! It was so invigorating. I went in feeling a bit sad, and had such a blast with the fun music and hard workout. I sweat so much that I looked like someone poured water on me. Seriously!

So now we come to April. Was thinking earlier what to make as my resolution, or if not a resolution what to focus on. I had thought about finances, and earlier decided something about my book since I'm leading up to the retreat in early May. So maybe it will be to work on my book at least a little bit every day. This can include research or writing. Sounds like a plan!

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