Saturday, May 08, 2010

Writing Away!

The view from where I'm at.
Another view of the mountains.
A fellow science writer friend I met on the trip - Cheryl Reifsnyder, on a hike behind our cabin.

Having a good time so far, about halfway through the retreat now. I'm in Breckenridge, Colorado at the Writing Away Retreat with about 15 other book authors or prospective authors plus four who give us feedback on our manuscripts: editor Kevin Doughten from Penguin Viking (who edited the paperback edition of Michael Dowd's Thank God for Evolution), Tim O'Connell from Knopf, author Linda Rorbrough, and agent Sorche Fairbank. But now it's time to get in the hot tub, so I'll update more later!


Terri Bowden said...

Wendee- I remember you from our Couplehood as a Spiritual Path/IMAGO class at CTK last fall. I just got through reading the "Fish Wars" and was so intrigued. You are amazing! I can't wait for my husband to get back in town so that I can show your work to him. I am truly inspired by your work, all of it, in every aspect. What you are doing is so necessary. I cannot wait for your book, as it is something that I am very passionate about as well.

Unknown said...

Awesome! Would love to hear your hubby's thoughts on the Fish Wars article or anything else! :) Thanks for your encouraging comment!!