Saturday, November 12, 2011

Space kitty!

Throw your dream into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, or a new country. --Anais Nin
My cat is losing her fool mind! I bought this jar full of treats for Halloween, and since the treats are all given away, the jar is empty and my kitty thinks it is her new home - or at least the home for her head. It all started out like this...After she seemed so interested in the jar, my kids thought it would be funny to shove her all the way in. I know, I know animal cruelty right?! What can I say? The lid wasn't actually placed all the way on! So then, you'd think she would never want to go in there again, right?Wrong! Kitty decided that she wanted to climb in as much as possible. She spent the next several weeks enthralled with the jar. Isn't she a cutie? But most of the time she didn't climb all the way in, but rather was found like this... After a while she got sick of the jar, so I stuck a little catnip in there and it renewed her interest for a while. Now she is bored of it again... I'll just have to stick some more catnip in there because it cracked me up when I saw her in there, every time!

I turned in my article based on my dive to the Aquarius Undersea lab (for which I interviewed Steve Squyres - from the last blog post about pooping undersea... LOL! That was a funny conversation!) I don't know when the article will be published, but I'll keep you posted. I turned it in a wee bit long - not something I usually do, but I have for the last couple of articles because of strange circumstances! There are sometimes stories that just absolutely require more space for proper telling. It is not my normal modus operandi to turn stories in over word count. At any rate, I'm now working on article on another scary chemical/plastic danger - obesogens (chemicals that make you fat!). After doing the piece on BPA, reading about microplastics, and now this article on obesogens, I want to discarding about every plastic thing in my house at this point, especially stuff I put food in! I already got rid of my old plastic water bottles (unlined aluminum and steel only for me!) and never, ever heat anything in the microwave in plastic (never did, though). I do sometimes use plastic tupperware to store food but I have a few glass containers with lids and I think I will look for more.

Well I better get back to my reading! Soon I will post a few recipes I have tried out recently. Working on that post already - peace out!

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