Friday, February 24, 2012

Green beans and almonds. Or, the universe is fair and just

"Demon kitty" - ha ha! The flash made his eyes like lightning! I'm coming home from Dallas with a new baby! This is a stray kitty that I fell in love with... I absolutely love long hair cats, and I have been wanting a new kitty for a while. With some losses in my life lately, this is just what my soul needs - the joy of new precious fun loving life!

So, I've had an incredibly emotionally challenging few days, and Friday I got a massage and the lady was really sweet and gave me a 90-minute massage even though it was only for 60 minutes. Trust me, I really needed it that day! And you know, it brought back this memory I'd forgotten about.

About 15 years ago, when I was living in a small apartment in Pasadena with two little ones (or maybe I just had Savi, and was pregnant), and my marriage was already starting to crumble. I used to always eat these frozen green beans with almonds. I LOVED them and it was about the only vegetable I ate. It was a rectangular package of Birds Eye julienned green beans, and there was a packet inside each package of slivered almonds. The almonds absolutely MADE the green beans. One time I got a package and there was no almond packet! The horror! I was really frustrated because I was really craving them and for whatever reason, I remember that I was really aggravated.

So what do you think happened the next time I went to eat this same type of green beans? This was not another packet I'd bought at the same time, but literally I went back to the grocery store another week or so, and bought more. I opened the package and guess what? TWO packets of almonds!! I kid you not.

The message I got from God loud and clear was that that life was fair and when we lost out on things, we would ultimately receive it back. That message came to mind because the last time I got a massage a few weeks back, the lady gipped me by like 10 minutes. But then Friday, I got an extra 30 minutes! My life has been full of loss and heartbreak lately - much more than I have gotten into on this blog - and I have been having a pretty serious faith crisis. And that just started me feeling better and I've been better since. I went to a mini-women's retreat at my old church, and I started listening to this book-on-CD Making Your Thoughts Work for You, and it's so inspiring. I'm really trying to get out to the Chopra Center to see Byron Katie and attend the Journey into Healing workshop in a couple weeks and I went ahead and bought a plane ticket to LA hoping it will all work out!! I am so stoked about this workshop!! Trust me, emotionally I desperately need it! I will also visit my friend Paige - can't wait!

I'm in Dallas visiting my mom and stepdad having a nice, healing time - making amends for some rifts from the past and treating my mom to a 90-minute massage and dinner at a Greek restaurant. Today we are going to a travel show and doing some shopping. I will probably be coming home with a Macbook Pro laptop (my laptop is on its last leg, and I've been eyeing a Mac for the past 5 years or so - it's time to make the plunge!), and a new kitty, and a new lease on life. Oh and last night I got to visit with my old college BFF Joe, and his best friend Rob, and we used to have soooo much crazy fun that it's not fit to print! ha! We had lots of fun, and it was great to see them again after all these years. It was his daughter who found the stray kitty. I think she may be sad to see it go!

Joe and Rob at Thai Spice, where we went to dinner.More photos to come when I download the pics from my camera.

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