Monday, April 30, 2012

Introducing ... Pippin Yoda-cakes!

Introducing... Pippin Yoda-cakes! The cutest and smartest and sweetest and most exploratory kitty on the planet! Look at her cute curled-in paws! Copyright (c) 2012 Wendee Holtcamp 

So it went like this... My friend Mary sent this pic as a text a few days ago: U wantz kitteh? Me 2 seconds later: Yessssszzzz!!! Me Needz Kitteh!! And so it was that I found myself 20 minutes later at the vet, meeting my friend to do the changeover. She found her under a garbage can outside a doctor's office. She is TINY and flipping adorable. She was a stray, so I got her first vaccination and dewormer and a flea treatment. She had an upper respiratory infection and drippy eyes. All of that has cleared up now, a couple days later.

Like I said in my previous email, the kitty even won over my teenage daughter Savannah who seems to think she "doesn't like animals" - not to mention moms or brothers or ... pretty much anything these days. Ahhhh teenagers. I still love her! :)

She was won over by Pippin's cuddliness (If only I could win her over by MY cuteness! LOL). She and Sam named it Pippin (after the hobbit in the Lord of the Rings). I added the Yoda bit because of her ears!! And "cakes" just because it's cute. Whatevs.

Pippin on my lap. :)

We introduced her to our other two cats, and Rosie here is cautiously interested... both my cats are kind of scared of her. It's pretty funny!

Look at that face!!

I put her in a plastic box with a blankie in it, and Savannah gave her a stuffed penguin to cuddle with. She's so tiny!

This is one of my favorite pics. She is just so much fun.

She was really grooving on my foot! LOL!

And I was a proud momma when she potty trained the very first day!! TMI I know, but that's what happens when peoplez haz kittehz.

I took this photo today. What a doll!

She likes to cuddle up to her reflection in the mirror sometimes. Here she was "kissing" her image in the mirror!

I love her markings. She's so precious!

She was sitting on my lap and I took this with her looking up at me.

She loves her little penguin friend!

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Megg said...

Strange fact...I have friends who have a cat named Pippin and another named Rosie. Weird...
Enjoy your new baby!