Monday, February 11, 2008

swimming with sharks

No not the sharks I'm dealing with related to my car situation... I have a new adventure in the works! In April I'm headed back to Australia to write about a white-tipped shark research project for Discovery Channel!!!!!! (You will be able to read my live posts from there at but I'll post the exact URL when it gets closer). Check out the research: and specifically here about white-tips.

I'm sooo thrilled! Actually I'm a wee bit apprehensive about swimming with the sharks (and Savannah also said she didn't want me to!) but I am more excited than you can imagine to go back to the magical country that has my heart! I love that place. And I will go a few days early (or stay late) to visit my friends Jenny and Rin!

I have so much work to do or I'd write more. I have a lot of blog posts I've written in my mind... Guess they will have to wait. :)

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