Sunday, October 19, 2008

stop the hate

And God said to me, Write:
Leave the cruelty to kings.
Without that angel barring the way to love
there would be no bridge for me
into time.
- Rainer Maria Rilke

I disabled anonymous comments because of someone sending hateful ones. What is the point? I mean, don't we have enough hate in the world? Hate sin, love the sinner. If you don't agree with me, or worse if you think my "salvation" is in question - shouldn't you show me love and patience and mercy, as Jesus would? Are you really acting as a good messenger of God's will and God's incredible merciful love by sending anonymous hateful comments?

There was a long political comment I planned to reply to in a post but I have not had time to compose a thoughtful and lengthy reply it deserves (Because it was SO far out there, with so many errors, it will take some time to gather up a response that is not just "my opinion"). So, quit the hate. Quit the insults. What is the point? This person said that "How could I call myself a Christian" etc (if I support Obama) - a couple quick points. I don't. God does. Christ does. Even if I'm "wrong" He says, we all sin and fall short of the glory of God, and we are not saved by what I do or what I believe or my theology, but by grace. That's good enough for me.

Look! It's a photo of what hell is going to look like! All the Obama supporters worshipping the anti-Christ socialist! Black, white, Hispanic... what a mix, what a great crowd for the fiery inferno. (Oops there goes my sarcasm valve flapping open again...)

And if you're sending "anonymous" letters and telling me I do not have courage (because I don't post your hateful anonymous comment), umm... isn't that the pot calling the kettle black? Why don't you just have a conversation with me. A respectful one. You're welcome to disagree. This is my blog, my forum, and I can put my opinions and thoughts and analyses. If you don't like it, don't read it. And I can choose to not allow in the negativity and hate from a "so-called Christian." A wise man once said... Look at the plank within your own eye.... I suggest you follow this wisdom! I know who you are. I have your IP address.


Melanie said...

You know, it irritates me to no end when people think they can completely roast you and then don't have the courage to even let you know who they are. Honestly, those people often aren't even sure enough of their own views to argue..if they were, they wouldn't have a problem ascribing the beliefs to themselves. Along the line with people with those beliefs, we'll have to chat sometime about my experience last week and the religious conference I went to...;).

Janine said...

Wow! What a fear-filled world when someone doesn't have the guts to just post a nickname on their own post. It's ridiculous!!
And this is me!!!! :)

Unknown said...

I know! Really the comments didn't initially bother me that much because they're such a load of hogwash but I also believe we should all be gentle and nice to one another as much as possible in this life. It's a lot easier when it's two people acknowledging who one another are, and not hiding behind some "mask" of anonymity to be respectful and discuss differences of opinion (or why bother discussing? Sometimes it's best to find your own info and let it be). Obviously the anonymity is because they are not able to simply respectfully discuss the issue. I had planned to reply to them because I don't like when people believe in such blatant propaganda being fed to them by the political propaganda "machine" and spouting it off as some sort of truth (It is so much like 1984 at this moment in history it's scary!). Like calling Obama a socialist. I mean, I have to wonder all these people freaking out over Obama's supposed socialism - do they even know what it really is? It's not the Democratic party and it's not Obama. But why is someone who is socialist necessarily not a Christian? There are all kinds of Christians in all different countries in many different generations (2000 years worth) and with many different right and wrong belief systems and theological stances and ideas throughout the ages. There are Christians who have murdered, committed adultery, had abortions, lied, cheated, and all kinds of things. There are certainly Christian socialists and liberals and Democrats! It's not about what we "do" it's about the heart, and a lifelong journey of turning one's life over to God and His will and not our own, which comes so naturally to us. The important thing is to separate politics from religion. That is what our nation was founded on, and for good reason.

And on the socialism thing (responding to the hate-spammer), our country has long had taxes on the wealthy and welfare and social services - that is not (nor is Obama) socialist/m. Do we really want an "evolutionary" nation where the poorest and weakest suffer with no help from anyone? That also is sadly completely opposite to what Jesus teaches us to do (care for the poor is one of his repeated commands). I can not stand the "pot calling the kettle black" mentality! Now if you think that "government" should not be engaged in those activities but other groups should- private individuals, or religious groups - then I can respect that difference in opinion. I know people who believe that, and I understand (though respectfully disagree - I don't think people DO step up to the plate enough to solve the problem. Nor has government for that matter, but it could and it has - we had a surplus in social services under Clinton whatever you thought of him). Ok enough for now.

Unknown said...

Oh and by 1984 I meant George Orwells 1984 "The Ministry of Truth". Obviously 1984 is quite an exxagerated dystopia, but we definitely have elements under the Bush Admin, and I am clearly seeing the same in the McCain-Palin campaign smears -linking Obama to socialism and terrorism which is ludicrous, slanderous and wrong, especially because so many people just believe it. There have been many analyses showing how when you put two words together in a sentence people start to associate them. It's a known propaganda technique. And it's why today people still associate the Iraq War and Saddam Hussein with Al Qaeda and Bin Laden - because analyses of Bush's speeches at that time show how he linked the non-related issues so that he could convince the masses of something which was not linked. We know that now. It was discussed in Al Gore's The Assault on Reason very well (though hey he's just another "socialist" right?)

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. Anon. commenters that say mean/hateful things and won't identify themselves, are just plain bullies, not to mention cowards.

Bittersweet Grandma said...

Wendee, I am so sorry that there are some who choose to fling anonymous insults at you. Even though I am not an Obama supporter, I do not hate him or anyone who chooses to support him. I abhor the hatred that surrounds politics, regardless if a person is a Democratic, a Republican, or an Independent. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and their vote. Obviously, everyone thinks their opinion is right, for whatever reason. What is clear to me is that there is a right and a wrong way to express it. I’m thankful we live in a country where we are allowed, at least for the most part, to express our opinion without fear of death. I likewise think that when we voice our opinions, we open ourselves up for criticism, most of which is not constructive.

Unknown said...

Agreed - this person was not just insulting Obama, they were insulting ME. Why the heck would I publish such nonsense?