Saturday, November 08, 2008

you are a soul

I loved this. In fact I love C.S. Lewis in general! I'm still too busy to think straight, on deadline for a very interesting, complex, controversial and challenging article due Monday. I hope to have some time back to myself soon... but then I have a deadline the Monday after this, and then gotta get cracking on my book again. I need a vacation!! I was thinking of going to Oregon and Washington to visit family for the holidays since Matt has the kids but all the frequent flier mile tickets are sold for most of those dates. I don't think I want to just be hanging here alone for the holidays. I also want to go visit my high school boyfriend, Jimmy, who lives there now. He's a doll! We reconnected after many years about 5 years ago and have kept in touch since. OK all for now, back to work. Man I'm tired!!!

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