Monday, June 05, 2006

i am soooo going to fiji...

I am enthralled. Here's a concept. Find a remote uninhabited island. Invite 5000 people from around the world to build an ecotopian paradise. Only 100 people can visit the island at any one time, in a sort of time-share model, but everyone who buys in can vote on how the island develops. The price is right: only $220 covers 7 days of meals and accomodations, just not airfare (and $440 for 14 days, $660 for 21 days over 3 years - you can break it up).

The entire community must be built with the environment in mind - a carbon neutral paradise, where the funds help the local Fijians and harvest fruit and fish in a sustainable manner. When you visit, you can help build the accomodations and plan the community or you can just lounge soak up the tropical rays on the beach or snorkel offshore. And it will be on reality-TV for 3 years. Not an intrusive in-your-face broadcasting, and no one gets voted off the island. But TV cameras will record what the genius young people behind the venture call a global social experiment.

Check it out:
Or an MSN piece on it:

I am there!

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Really Wendee!
This is our neck in the woods - 15 minutes boatride from our land in Fiji. Tui Mali is our relative and we've been to Vorovoro scores of times. I hope the plan works out - idealistic and wonderful if they stick with the eco-friendly way of living - and not just booze and ignore local Fijian customs of respect and protocol.