Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I was running yesterday after the rains, and I had just bought the Watermark CD "a grateful people" and it is such a beautiful CD! It is so full of love and passion. And in my heart I was just praising God and was just feeling gratitude and when I was almost back home, I saw a beautiful rainbow. On the Watermark CD sleeve it says:

"I'm reminded of the definition of a Watermark that we came across so many years ago: 'An impression only visible when held up to the light.' The Light of this world is moving and pursuing people who will align with who He is, no matter what it takes, so that He becomes visible through us to the world. As we move where He's moving, with His purpose and His heart, He takes shape in us, we come alive, and His glory is shown on the earth around us."

The rainbow I saw reminded me of the rainbow on the cover of the latest TX Parks & Wildlife Magazine in which I have two features:

Delta Dawn: The young Colorado River delta is a lush breeding ground for finfish, shrimp, crab — and controversy.

Washing the Water: Wetlands at Richland Creek Wildlife Management Area act as a huge water filter, removing pollutants the natural way.

But alas the piece most important to my heart is my Part 2 on the San Jacinto River, Sustainable Solutions that just came out today.

My Louisiana black bear piece should be out any day also. Ciao for now!

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