Thursday, August 03, 2006

sea kayaking

We went sea kayaking and snorkeling today. I hated it! The waves were sooo huge and the cold water was slapping into my face and it stung my eyes and fogged my glasses. I normally kayak in calm rivers so it was very different. I've sea kayaked before but in calm water. It was sunny but cold, I was freezing! I was the slowest of everybody, and had a really hard time of it against the waves. Savannah was with me at first and then we switched Sam over to my kayak but it was still difficult. He's smaller and a stronger paddler because he goes with Matt a lot. I felt like a huge wimp. We went thrugh a shallow patch and I saw a sea turtle which was cool. When we got to the little island, I didn't even bother to go snorkeling. After a bit, Savannah switched and rode with someone else and he was a better kayaker than I so she had fun once she switched. She said they zoomed across, and she loved the snorkeling too. Sam liked it sort of except he was freezing cold and the snorkel mask would not fit right at first. It wasn't a great reef section so Sunday we go to a much much better one. I'm just glad the kids enjoyed it. Now I am glad to be home (at Kelli's) and warm!!

ps my black bear article for Defenders Magazine is now out! It's online at:

pss it posts as 1158pm Thursday but where I'm at it's 3pm Friday! :)

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Lisa Sullivan said...

I've only been tent/backpack camping for a few years now and each time I go, I appreciate the wildlife I encounter more and more. We spent 3 days in Shenandoah National Park this summer and I saw my first black bear there. It was AMAZING to see them "live" and not just in a TV documentary or something.

Wendee...that was a really great article you wrote. Thanks for the link & keep up the good work!

Much luv...Lisa :-)