Tuesday, August 29, 2006

i miss vacation!

i always find it amazing how you can spend 3 weeks away and not think a wink about all the articles and projects that need to be done, and have no stress at all, but as soon as you get back home it all lands, flop, right in your lap. Ugh stress. i hate it! i'm working on it; that is on reducing stress in general and the way i approach the whole to-do-list phenomenon.

so... a quick update - i wanted to finish my aussie adventures but just want to add a couple quick photos and say that our last day on moreton island, at tangalooma, was just absolutely brilliant. it is one of those days that will go down in my personal history as one of the best ever. we went on this amazing eco-cruise where a huge herd of dugongs (like manatees) surrounded our little boat and when they'd come up to breathe they sounded like they were breathing through a snorkel. you could hear the "huff" they made as they exhaled. the weather was drop dead gorgeous, the wind was super calm and hence you could see to the bottom of the ocean and all the amazing things swimming about - sea turtles, eagle rays that literally fly through the water, and jellyfish. dolphins came and played and swam in the front of the boat - the wave made from its movement. at the end of the day, we got to feed wild dolphins, and jenny and i just had a wonderful heart to heart on the way back to the mainland. i truly had a wonderful day.

the day before, friday, we also got to see my dear friend karine who i was worried i would not see - which would have been so disheartenening after keeping in touch over 15 years and i'd lost touch via email the past few months...but we got in touch - yea! and she drove hours to see me and i feel so blessed to have these wonderful friends. i am so blessed by these friendships and i just wish everyone could be in contact more easily, on person. if only flying were less expensive!

i'm working on some interesting projects and they are due very soon so i better get back to it!!!

This was the true color of the ocean the last day, when we were in Moreton Bay.
It was amazing!!!!!!

One of the many dugong that surrounded our boat. We killed the motor and floated through the herd of them...Sooooo cool!!

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