Monday, September 04, 2006

tragic loss

at 130am last night i checked as i often do, and i felt utter devastation and shock that someone who i truly, deeply admired - steve irwin "crocodile hunter" - had been killed by a stingray. i have not felt this much shock over the death of an individual celebrity since the death of john lennon, also one of my heroes. i was even surprised at the depth of my feelings of shock and sadness - maybe because we just visited his Australia zoo two weeks ago. maybe just because i - and maybe even the world - had not realized what a legend this man was. we all knew he entertained us and made us learn about wildlife. i don't think we all knew how deeply to the heart he had touched us all.

i truly do not know many people who are so genuinely compassionate about wildlife and conservation - god's world - and as passionate about life itself and his family as he was. criticism be damned (i consider it the tall poppy syndrome) i think he was just truly an amazing person, and i truly can not think of another human being on this planet who has achieved what he was achieved for conservation whose loss would be as deeply felt as his. my kids were in shock. savannah kept saying "it's not fair! i can't believe he is gone!" she adores bindi. i know good can come of this in the long run - not that a tragic death is ever a good thing - but in the grander perspective of life and conservation, people had started to criticize him and pick apart his actions and i think the outpouring of love and support from people worldwide will mean that more than ever, his legacy will truly live forever. it's just a horribly tragic shame for his adorable children. i can't even fathom.

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