Friday, September 08, 2006

live your life!

the death of steve irwin just makes all the more poignant something i've often said and try to live by - you never know when your time is up, or your loved ones may die. it sounds morbid, but it's really not, it's just reality. and so it's up to you, me, each person to live while we can. to LIVE! not just exist.

i love life, and wake up each morning and dedicate that day to God. i express my gratitude for another day, and vow to enjoy it, and to love those around me. i don't always succeed. stress can be a constant companion. but i do tell my kids i love them often, hug them all the time, and connect with friends on a regular basis. i am still working on the real enjoyment during the work-days. i can be happy and excited when traveling or even getting out of the house with the kids. but as much as i love my writing career it can be drudgery with deadlines looming. i need to work on that, on enjoying the process more.

if stevo taught me anything it is his joyful exuberance and absolute dedication and passion to his work. years back, i bought sam a toy alligator (we'll just call it a crocodile) and it sat in his toybox. my dad had one when i was a kid, and he'd be silly with it around me so it has fond memories associated with it. it now sits on my desk. long live croc hunter! let's live with as much passion as he did!

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