Thursday, November 15, 2007

one night in bangkok

I arrived in Bangkok about 7pm, and went through all the customs stuff. The doc crew just happened to be on the same flight so we're hanging together in the hotel and vicinity. We went out and had some Pad Thai and Red Curry and pineapple smoothies from some street vendors. I'm staying in the Khao San Rd area, and we walked around a little bit. We first headed out at 10pm (its almost 1am now) and everything is alive just like NYC - the street vendors are open 24 hours - and tons of people walking around, sitting around listening to music, eating good food. Pretty cool. Tomorrow my flight leaves at 740pm so I'm going to check out a few sites, like the Grand Palace and just walk around the Khao San Rd area. Then I'll catch a cab to the airport and hope I can get an aisle seat!! I want to get a Thai massage tomorrow! Sawadee! Ciao!

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