Thursday, January 17, 2008

some silly pics

Daline and I got a little silly when she was visiting! We decided we'd have a fashion show, so to speak, and (attempted to) pose like models in the magazines on my coffee table. Well in a sort of mockery sort of way. ;) Savannah took the photos. Well she did after I got mad at the little turkey for just taking photos of our feet instead! (on purpose).
This one just cracks me up because it looks a little, well, funny!
Treehuggers We Are!

My daughter got braces today. Ah, I do not miss those days... I had the works - braces, headgear, and all that dorky stuff. Fortunately they don't much use headgear anymore. Poor girl, her mouth is now sore... she went to bed early. It usually only hurts the first couple days, and tehn when they tighten them again every 6 weeks.

I haven't posted much because I haven't had much to say. It's funny, because sometimes I just have so much to say I have to write and get it out. But lately it's a dry well. This is in my actual journal as well. And when I'm writing articles. I'm not feeling all that inspired and I have to figure out how to fill the well back up again. I'm just not quite sure.

Oh! I do have some good news. Today, I sent off my book contract to my agent for Losing My Religion, my memoir/book about making peace between evolution and Christianity. Yea! It got accepted before the holidays but it took this long to get the darn contract! The publishing world goes on holiday over the holidays... so now I will begin working on it in the next year. I'm excited, and a bit nervous. It's a big task. I'll need to get inspired! Any ideas?

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Sharon Guynup said...

Congratulations on your signed contract! Over the next year, as you talk to people, this book that you've thought about for so long will make its way, bit, bit, onto the page--and into the bookstores! And I will be online for a signed copy!