Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shake my tambourine at the world

Me atop Tabletop Mountain, Queensland, Australia
Copyright (c) 2008 Wendee Holtcamp (via Rin Burton)

Shake my tambourine at the world

Here good people of the world
would you like a sip
of my cup of confusion
or a taste
of pink marshmallow fields
where elephants fear to tread
Just leave it alone
Do you want me to call an ambulance
or an army
of angels
to rescue our damned souls

We receive brown parcel packages
filled with stark white sheets
for our lives
Who will splatter on my innocence
before I’ve a chance
to build some muscle
Whose stark whiteness
will I soil
in my ignorance?
Where are my teachers of justice?

Right under my feet
and over my head
the stars, the ageless rocks, the trees
the ancient ones
who have seen a multitude of generations
they cry out in song and mourning
for all the lost
that gather gold
and fools around them

With simplicity and light
I build my tambourine
Wake up and hear the beat
With the melody of hope
the seeds of truth
the peace of God
the power of love
the knowledge of grace
the unity of color
the winds of change
I shake my tambourine at the world.

- Copyright (c) 2001 Wendee Holtcamp

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Chirin (Daline) said...

Wowza!!! Give me one and I'll shake it with you, woman!!!