Saturday, August 15, 2009

A day at the beach is the best kind of day

"Sand in the sandwiches, sand in the tea, a day at the beach is the best kind of day!"
- A line from one of my favorite children's books I used to read to my kids. I'd credit the author but I don't know her name off the top of my head!

Yesterday I took a solo day and drove to the Oregon coast. It was a fantastic day! I arrived early-ish to Cannon Beach and walked down to the rocks at the end of the beach then back. I didn't actually walk to Haystack Rock which was on the opposite end of the beach. I took lots of photos and just enjoyed being by the OCEAN which I love!!

Next I walked around town a bit. It's a quaint little town - some might say touristy but still cool. I had clam chowder at the Local Grill & Scoop and then hit Bella Espresso to work for a bit (they have wifi). Then I decided to head to Ecola State Park which is supposed to have really cool tidepools. Ecola is just a mile or two from the public Cannon Beach which I hadn't realized or I'd probably spent more time there earlier when the tide was low, but by the time I got there i nthe afternoon the tide was halfway in, and I didn't see any tidepools :( Anyway the coastal temperate rainforest on the drive to the Ecola State Park was mind-blowing. Soooo beautiful and unexpected. Here are some pics from my day! After I left the beach I went to my dad's wedding rehearsal and then dinner. Today was the wedding, but I'll save those pics for later. I'm in Portland now and tomorrow is a get together with a bunch of Pacific Northwest writers and journalists!

Just me and my shoes and my camera at the Oregon coast yesterday! I went to Cannon Beach, which is a couple hours from where my dad lives. I went solo and had an amazing day!

I love love love this photo! I went on a long walk along the beach and took this on the way back in. I saw this feather and shot it with Haystack Rock in the background, and the coloration of the water and sand just made it turn out soooo cool!

Similar shot, different layout.

I walked through a flock of seagulls... isn't that an 80s band?! :)

If you blow up this photo you can see a bike ride and the pic looks pretty cool when it's bigger.

This is a taffy-pulling machine at a candy shop in Cannon Beach which is a cute little town. It was sour apple flavor, and they gave out samples!
After I left Cannon Beach, I stopped by Ecola State Park which is just a few blocks from the public beach, but on the way to the beach access you drive through this amazingly lush, gorgeous temperate coastal rainforest - wow!
Another shot of the gorgeous forest in Ecola St Park.
A view on the hike down to the beach.
The rocky shore at Ecola State park.
There were a lot of surfers and body-boarders. This pic I thought was cool because of the surfer in the waves. It looks good if you blow it up bigger.
A view of the beach at Ecola State park.
I climbed up and on the rocks here, looking for tidepools but the tide was mostly in so unfortunately I didn't get to see any. Major bummer!
After I left the beach I went to my dad's wedding rehearsal. Here's Cathy (left) pointing because she sees me arriving at the door! That's Bev my dad's fiance (then - now wife) to Cathy's right, my dad, and Cathy's husband Jim. Cathy and Jim live on Meissner Mountain near my dad and are long-time friends.
Laughing it up at the rehearsal! Bev has a great laugh!

Cathy and Jim at El Tapatio Mexican restaurant in Rainier, Oregon where we went for the rehearsal dinner.
I caught the two lovebirds whispering. Turns out they were saying a private blessing over their meal :)
Me and my daddy!

Dad heard some music and grabbed Bev for a quick dance. They're all romantic like that!
And just for the curious, this is a photo of the "Soylent Green" dish that I had at The Laughing Planet the other day... with my writer friend Ken in the background :) Soylent Green is Swiss chard, broccoli and tempeh over barley and quinoa with cilantro pesto. YUMMO!

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