Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bering Sea: Day 1 -Dutch Harbor

Coming in for the landing at Emergency Field, Unalaska (aka Dutch Harbor), Alaska - cutting it close to the mountains! It's a short runway and they have to gate off the main road in town when planes land.
The final landing! The plane broke hard.
Flags at the airport. Alaska renamed it Tom Madsen airport after a bush pilot who lost his life but the FAA still calls it Dutch Harbor/Emergency Field.
Sean and Nancy in the car driving to the boat from the airport.
A shot of the R/V (Research Vessel) Thomas G. Thompson in port in Dutch Harbor
Another shot of the Thompson.
A fishing trawler next to the Thompson in port. Dutch Harbor is the biggest fishing port in the U.S., and the Bering Sea brings in half of the US' catch of commercially caught seafood.

We went out to eat at the Unisea restaurant and pub - this sign was on the door. I am pretty sure that Deadliest Catch shows the place now and then.
The beer I had, which was fantastic!
A shot of some wildflowers and the mountains in the distance in Dutch Harbor, Unalaska.
Right before we left this amazing rainbow appeared in the sky - a good omen I hope! Only when I enhanced the color a bit did I realize it's actually a double rainbow! If you look close you can see the second faintly above the other.
A shot as we left Dutch Harbor around 2100 hour (11pm). The waters got pretty wild that night!
Another shot leaving Dutch - next shots will be of scientists working on board!


Melissa Gaskill said...

Nice pictures, Wendee! Looks like a pretty sweet boat, too. And that rainbow HAS to be a good omen. Just be sure to get your knife back, eh? :-)

Anonymous said...

Sweet pictures! Very cool stuff. Your like a Pirate!