Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 11: Fun with Cups

The cups were placed inside mesh onion bags and then tied to the CTD (see earlier post) with plastic clip ties. This is Jonathan Whitefield (soon to be a grad student at University of Alaska-Fairbanks). He is British and pretty funny!
The two at front that say Savi and Sam I made for my kiddos! The cup in back is actually a paper cup but about the same size as the pre-shrunken styrofoam cups.

My kids two cups next to an apple, for scale.

This was Jonathan's cup after it shrunk (left) and one he didn't shrink. It has the latitude and longitude of the NP15 station where we did this at (I also put it on the inside of my two cups I made), & the depth - 2,700 meters or 8,900 feet. That's more than a mile and a half under the sea! Someone calculated it is like 4000 psi of pressure.
A shot of everyone's cups that came up. The shot is out of focus -sorry!

The earlier photo of the "mess hall" where we eat didn't have people in it so I took one with some people. This is Sarah Jennings and Rachel Allison. Sean eating the finished product (on the right) of the halibut caught earlier. The chefs made a halibut stir-fry which was slightly spicy, with ginger and peanut sauce. It was sooooo delish!!
Elizabeth (Ebett) Siddon with the codend, the end part of the MOCNESS, which captures larval fish
The contents of the codends, ie what the MOCNESS caught. Megan Schatz, a tech at University of Washington, working on her filtration experiments.


Anonymous said...

The cup project looked fun! Wendee your amazing and so interesting!I bet your going to get many extra stories from all you have seen offshore! I am proud of you!

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susan said...

SOOOOO glad i clicked on your blog (haven't been here in a while)...fascinated, and just had to go back to the beginning of the trip. Awesome photos, and appears to be an amazing experience so far! I'll be back!

Unknown said...

Thanks Susan! Is this Susan L? Yes defintely come back! Leave ocmments! I love comments... Glad you like the photos. :)