Friday, May 20, 2011

Last night's surreal sunset

Yesterday was filled with SO much fun - my first time sandboarding, flying in a helicopter over the coast, eating more delicious food and exploring yet more tidepools but last night's sunset blew me away so I wanted to post these. The beach is very flat in Florence. It is very interesting how the coast changes as we have gone further south even staying within the central part of the Oregon coast. First there's jagged rocks and islets offshore, then the lava flows (like the Galapagos or Hawaii) and now just dunes and flat beach. To the right in this image is a lighthouse that is one of the most photographed in the nation due to its location and a nice pullout on the road. It's called the Heceta Head lighthouse and that point is Heceta Head (We also had lunch at the lighthouse yesterday). I tried to get a shot with the blinking lighthouse beacon but alas I didn't succeed.
Because the beach is so flat you would get these rivulets of water that reflected the light. Just gorgeous. My hands were freezing when I finally came in.
The waves rolling back out to sea. Nice quilt-like juxtaposition of the landscape here.
A rolling wave. I didn't actually see the sun going down, because I was in my room! I got out there afterwards but the view was worth it. Hope you enjoy!

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Lori said...

Oh it is SO beautiful! :)