Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Radar Angels and other things

Soon I'll update you on my trip to the Big Apple, which I just returned from last night, but for now I have had a whole slew of articles come out! Check em out... Let me know what you think. I've been a busy girl!

  • Save the Birds - With Doppler Radar: Doppler radar helped save the Texas forests where millions of migratory birds rest each spring. My first article in the award-winning Miller-McCune magazine, Apr/May 2011. It was picked up in a blog post on the Knight Science Journalism Tracker. Before they knew they were birds, radar experts called the unexplained interference "angels."
  • "The opening of this piece was beautifully written. It made me slow down from the frenetic pace of online reading and enjoy the images of the Texas lowlands." - First comment on the Miller-McCune website

    "Evocative, focused, surprising, and narratively pure" - KSJ blogger Charlie Petit

  • Changing Planet, Planet Health Q&A with co-author Paul Epstein, Harvard professor at Climate Central. Praised by the book's co-author Dan Ferber as "the most probing, incisive, interview that either of us have done so far."

  • Traffic Trigger. Do traffic-related stress and air pollution trigger more heart attacks than cocaine, caffeine, anger, or sex? Environmental Health Perspectives. May 2011.

  • Islands in the Sun. A new project on urban heat islands by University of Minnesota professor Peter Snyder. Momentum magazine news piece. Spring 2011.
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