Friday, August 05, 2011

Pepperdine, Point Dume and great friends!

We arrived in Los Angeles around noon Thursday and went straight to Pepperdine University, a private Christian college in Malibu overlooking the ocean - wow! Gorgeous campus. This is the chapel. The blue in the background in this photo is the ocean!
This is a view of the stained glass inside the chapel. I didn't get many other photos of campus but it was really beautiful. Paige is a teacher and when she taught high school she took some of her kids to look at this and other colleges so she gave us a tour and told us about the campus since we didn't have a formal tour set up. We visited the library, the chapel, the student center and ate lunch in the cafeteria. Savannah loved the college.

Next we drove a couple miles to Point Dume, which is where they filmed part of Ironman (his house was CGId onto Point Dume). This is Lu, Sam, Savannah and Raleigh.
My friend Paige!At the edge of the sandy beach there were some rocks and though the tide was up and we couldn't see any tide pools, we climbed over the rocks to another beach around the corner.
The lava rocks were sharp! We went back and got our flipflops...
The water was a beautiful emerald/blue color. We even saw a couple of harbor seals on the rock that is teeny tiny in this picture. Paige saw some dolphins playing in the waves.
And this is the beach around the rocks.
Savannah taking photos as usual! :)
They were even filming a commercial. The one guy kept yelling out "Rolling - quiet!" which I found very annoying when my son started climbing off on the rocks and it was windy and he couldn't hear me tell him to not go off too far... I was like, forget you dude, my kid is more important than your dumb commercial!
At the end of the day, we headed back and had a few friends over for dinner. This is Dana and Paige!
And this is Bruce and Paige. Love all those gorgeous orchids in the window! Their house is amazing - love it. It was an overall great first day in Cali! I am so grateful to my friends who I love so much.

Tomorrow my kids and I are heading to Universal Studios and meeting up with my second cousin Daria and her two kids. I haven't been there since I was a kid so I'm excited to get back and see what it is like now.

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