Saturday, June 09, 2012

In which I am renamed Wendee Cakes

Rosie and Pippin Yoda Cakes argue over who owns the jar aka the space helmet (this photo is just BEGGING for a "Caption" - have at it!.

Heard at the Holtcamp house at dinnertime.

"Do you know what Pippin's middle name is?" - me

"Probably something stupid," says my emo daughter Savannah, who was not in a good mood.

"She doesn't have a middle name," says Sam.

"Yes she does," I say. "It's Yoda."

"That's stupid," says Savannah.

"And do you know what her last name is? Cakes. Pippin Yoda Cakes. I formally announced it on my blog." 

Death stares.

I suppose this requires a slight backstory. My ex-boyfriend and I would always joke about feeling like a Fatty fat cakes, and it became a sort of thing I always say to everything. Everything is a "cakes" around here.

"She's not a Holtcamp," I say emphatically.

Savi rolls her eyes. "Why don't you change your last name to Cakes, then," she deadpans.

"Maybe I will," I reply. (after all I decided I would marry her if I could!) "I'll be Wendee Cakes."

And at that I burst out laughing so hard that I about fell on the floor. I looked over at the sink, where Savannah was washing her dish, and she could barely repress her smile and laughter too.


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birdhouses said...

This was a fun post, Ms. Cakes. Here is a possible caption: "my other spaceship has tinted windows"