Friday, January 27, 2006


We kicked off our dinner parties with a gnocchi making dinner at Sonia's yesterday. It is an Argentinian tradition to eat gnocchi on the 29th of each month and to place money under the plate to bring prosperity. This is a funny story because at the SEJ (Society of Environmental Journalists) conference a bunch of writers and editors went out in Austin the first night and one editor kept saying he needed to go find "nyo-key" and it sounded like some Japanese thing. I didn't know what the heck he was talking about! I had seen the word "gnocchi" but pronounced it no-chee. As soon as Sonia said the word I was like - oh my gosh!!! Ding ding ding!!! It all made sense...

It was not the 29th but we celebrated anyway and all put money under our plates for prosperity. No one had any money so I gave everyone dollar bills. Does that mean I get all the prosperity? LOL. Sonia taught us all how to make gnocchi and it was so fun! Here are some photos from the evening.

Next I am hosting a "Reverse Super Bowl Party" at my house: Watch the commercials and talk during the football! I am overbooking myself (darn that multi-tasking) because after I sent out the Evite I realized I was going to be in Florida the same day! However I fly back in at 120pm, so will have to get home and get ready for having a party at my pad the same day. At least in Florida I should have some relaxation time... beach, massage, body wrap, exploring a beautiful island... I'm going to Amelia Island Plantation Resort.

I interviewed a biologist who studies red panda (nigale poonya - love that word! lol) in Nepal and I am sooo stoked about the possibility of going there on one of their trips. I have to sell a story on this critter! They are the closest relative of the giant panda, they eat bamboo, and they look more like a fox than a panda! The name panda came from Anglicization of the Nepalese word poonya. Check out the website: or go to Red Panda Eco Trip info directly.

Stormy rolling gnocchi on a gnocchi board.

Sonia serving up our gourmet home-made gnocchi!

Sonia making crepes!

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