Sunday, January 08, 2006

weirdest place to put cayenne pepper

Weirdest place to put cayenne pepper: lemonade.

I am doing a Master Cleanse, which is otherwise known as the Lemonade Diet. It's really not a "diet" because it's not for the purpose of losing weight but for purifying and cleansing out one's body and organ systems. I am doing it with my friends Daline and Amy for up to 7 days, so we are providing support for one another. In the morning you do a sea salt water cleanse, and I tell you, it cleans you out!

I did a Detox Diet for 4 days prior to this, which was eating all vegetables, fruit and whole grains and avoiding wheat or wheat relatives (no oats, barley). I ate buckwheat and quinoa (keen-wa - one of those words that once you know how to say it, you still want to say it the other way like kwin-o-a). I loved cutting up all the veggies and seeing them in the steamer - they just looked so wholesome and delicious (and were!). I had already given up coffee and Diet Coke on the Detox so it has not been bad going on the Master Cleanse at all (some experience some bad side effectis of headache, etc the first day or two). On the Detox I had a really bad headache the first couple days. Now I am fine, just hungry! The lemonade has 1 1/4 cup of maple syrup and organic lemons juiced up fresh (with pulp) and cayenne pepper. I'm not starving, just wanting food. I'm coming to recognize how much the act of eating and food are comfort to me.

Amy and I took a trek down to Whole Foods - I had never been to the Houston Store - and my thought was just like, this is home!!! Heaven! I like the cool granola people that shop there even - in Oregon everyone is like that, just about. But in suburban Houston I am hard pressed to find like-minded folks. Greenies. Outdoor enthusiasts. Hippie-types. Bohemians! Adventurers! I must go back. :) Anyway so I got some things for the lemonade cleanse, but also some snacks for our hike.

After our shopping foray, we next went hiking in Brazos Bend State Park. I'll upload some photos soon (after my computer stops backing up - it is taking 2 days! It's ridiculous!). We went walking around some old bends of the Brazos river but I think next time I'd like to go in the forested part more. It was a gorgeous day - the weather has been up to 70 degrees here in Houston! I guess this is our global warming winter. Amy and I had been talking about going hiking for, oh 9 months or so! Maybe even more. I am committed to doing more outdoor fun things and social gatherings this year with those who I've been wanting to catch up with!

Later today, I am going to soak in the wood room sauna with Amy... helps purify the system even more. To great health in 2006!


Sus said...

I love Whole Foods too but the only one here in Albq. is WAAAAYYYY northeast of me so I tend only to go there maybe every few months. Thankfully Wild Oats is close as is the Montanita Co-Op.

Anonymous said...

I too am doing the master cleanse, utilizing half the maple syrup for the purpose of weight loss, as described in the manual. You are absolutely right about the saltwater. 32 ounces of saltwater first thing in the morning will really get you moving! I've been on it about a week now with the initial goal of going ten days, then 20, then 30, then 40. The first few days are the most difficult as you really want to chew on something, but gradually, that desire begins to fade. Last Sunday as I was watching football, I was craving carbs (oatmeal, cornmeal slathered in butter, etc.), but somehow got through it without so much as a bite. I am losing weight on it, much to my delight...about a pound a day so far. My eventual goal is to get down to about 185, starting at around 270. The master cleanse is not for everyone, but if you want to cleanse your body of toxins and lose weight, AND you have a lot of will power, you can do it.

Anonymous said...

I have been wanting to go to Brazos Bend State Park and go to the observatory. Did you go and how far is it from Atascocita? We went out to Jesse Jones Park the other day and it was so nice to get out of the traffic. We saw three deer and the river looked clean, big surprise.