Monday, October 22, 2007

Bhadrapur, Nepal

I have so much to say, but no time to say it in. I've been busily getting ready for my big trip to Nepal, my first time to Asia. I've been to South America, North America and Australia but never Asia! So this should be cool. I am a bit of a cold wimp so hopefully I have enough warm weather gear now to not totally die or get frostbite or a case of the whines. ha ha! I don't think it will be THAT cold because it's not like I'm climbing Mount Everest or something. We'll be at mid-elevations but heck this is the freaking Himalayas!!! After a day in Kathmandu, we fly into Bhadrapur, in eastern Nepal. We'll be trekking along the Singhalila Ridgeline at the border between Nepal and Inida, which apparently was only opened up to trekking around 2000. Surely on one of those rinky dink planes that I hate, and I've read that Nepal has some of the shortest runways in the world because of the mountains. Nice! At least I've (mostly) overcome my fear of flying!!

Here are some maps and weather info for the Bhadrapur area. Loooks like 12-24 degrees C which translates to 53-76 degrees F. Not so bad. But we'll be trekking around and camping some nights. Here's another map. We'll be heading into that snowy part, to be sure. I'm really very excited. Mostly because when I get away on these adventures the whole world falls away. There's no stress of anything at all... no chores to have the kids do, or chores and errands of my own, no deadlines (at least none that I work on while away), and surrounded by pure beauty. I hope all goes well and safe since there's been some interesting developments there in the past few weeks. I've been told by someone that the Maoists have promised no violence until after November 16th. I don't know why that date, probably has to do with some of their holiday and the election (that was postponed) but it's nice of them to delay the violence until the day after I leave :)

I'm eating wasabi peas and my mouth is on fire. When I eat them they remind me of my friend Clea from Italy who made the funniest face when I gave her a few to try and was like "eww! bleh! gross! Why would anyone want to eat these???!!!" and then she proceeded to eat more. Ha ha!! It was so cute and funny. I miss Clea!

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Wendee said...

Yet another amazing adventure! And yet amazing random facts, that you're eating wasabi peas (now I have wasabi peas on my brain...). How about seven more random facts? Tag!

hugs to you~!