Tuesday, October 09, 2007

hugs from my daughter

How I wish someone with my daughter's huge heart was around when I was younger. I've always told my daughter that "some bad things" happened to me when I was a child and for some time she's been bugging me to tell her the nature of those things. She's a very precocious, well-read and extremely intelligent child for 12 (nearly 13) but I've always had a hard time telling her just what happened to me, though she knows very well about the birds and the bees and loves to watch crime shows (NCIS, Criminal Minds) as well as health shows - she's been hooked on them for years and that's what made her want to be a doctor for the last 4 years. An emergency pediatric surgeon to be precise. But today she read my Chapter 1 from my memoir, (which is about balancing faith and reason, and Christianity and evolution specifically). Chapter 1 talks about how my parents --specifically my mom's denial of my reality and my dad's hippie lifestyle - led to my intense questioning of everything and ultimately to my becoming a scientist. It also talks about the difficult childhood experiences such as being molested at age 10 and raped at age 15. She read these things and asked me some more questions about the situations, and then gave me a really big hug. We're a huggy family already, but she deliberately gave me several hugs throughout the day, and when she did, she would just look at me in this compassionate wise way. So sweet. This week my agent should be sending out my book proposal. Prayers are greatly appreciated!!


Sus said...

Give the kiddo a hug for me, will ya? Oh and then tell her to give YOU a hug for me! :)

Melissa Miller-Young, CLC said...

My hugs go out to you Wendee, and yes, you are a lucky woman to have such a wise, compassionate daughter - so hug her for me too!!

Anonymous said...

I was just fowarded a link to your website and was blown away. You are gifted as a writer and a photographer. Those are two things I aspire to be, but like you I have had a difficult childhood. At first glance it was your body of work that I admired, but after reading about how open you are to love after you have been hurt it is that that I find most inspiring. Best of luck with your book. I look foward to reading it.

Anonymous said...

Heavenly father, almighty God,

Bless your child Wendee. Use her gifts to build faith in your precious son, Jesus, so that the world may see more clearly to trust in his saving blood only, and not in the errant schemes of many Christian religionists.

In his name, and yours, and by the Holy Spirit, I ask this humble favor. Amen.