Wednesday, October 03, 2007

on the road again...

Having just come back from the San Francisco Bay area for the ASJA East Meets West writers conference, I am leaving tomorrow (yet again!) this time for Caddo Lake, Texas' only natural lake. I'm going with my son's classes outdoor ed trip. Each class does an outdoor ed trip every year. We camp and canoe and have a campfire which is great fun. But I leave for Nepal in less than a month - holy cow - and have so much to do. I also found out that the Maoists quit the government yesterday, and started protesting. There had been a 10-year civil war in Nepal that ended peacefully when the king stepped down from power but now unrest arises again... it may be an interesting time to be there. The Maoists never turned violent against tourists, but you never know what will happen in the future. Prayers appreciated!

I've been feeling restless lately. I find that I'm allowing the little things that used to drive me crazy, make me have a bad day etc sort of roll off me. I vent but I don't get too upset and feel alright that things will all work out, as they always do. But I can't help but feel some sort of internal unrest in my soul over the world, and my own place in it. I wonder if I'm doing what I should be doing in terms of writing, activism, evangelism, spreading love and wisdom. Am I doing enough? Am I on the right path? Where am I getting sidetracked and on what should I focus? It's a very difficult challenge to balance single motherhood and career in itself, but combine that with a life calling to make a difference, to spread the seeds of love and light which this world so desperately craves and needs and yet to still need some love and light sprinkled on myself as well. I'm blessed to get that love and light from my friends and family! Loved seeing Zofia and Kira in SF this weekend! I also met a longtime friend and colleague, Peggy Vincent, author of Babycatcher and a longtime midwife in the Bay Area. We had known each other online but never met in person. I'll put up pics when I get back from this trip to Caddo Lake.

If you ever get to San Francisco you have to go to get the best hot chocolate in the world - Bittersweet chocolate cafe! That's where I met Peggy. Have the spicy hot chocolate which has chipotle and other pepper and is so yummy and has a real bite! It's great with a shot of espresso. Yummy!

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