Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Years!

I came down with a cold a few days ago, but loaded up on Emergen-C (remind me to tell you a funny story about Emergen-C and Bangkok sometime!!) and so my cold fortunately only lasted a couple days. I had a very runny, sneezy nose! I feel much better now.

On New Years Eve (yesterday) Doug and I got some fireworks and then took them over to Georgia's and shot them off in the cul de sac. It was fun! Then Doug and I left her house to go to Baker Street Pub in Rice Village, which had no cover charge and live music and a balloon drop and champagne toast at midnight. Only we got all the way down there to discover I did not have my ID! And they would not let me in! I was like, Come ON, I have neck wrinkles! I'm almost double the drinking age people! :) But no matter, they wouldn't budge. I never leave my ID but the other night when we went line dancing, I'd put my ID in my pants pocket, and it stayed there, apparently. So we had to go all the way back home, and toasted to the new years without the balloon drop and champagne toast. But we had fun anyway!!! Today, we went to the Museum of Natural Science! Here are some pics. Can you tell we both love to take pics?

Did I ever mention that I'm a part time vampire? Like the ones in Twilight I'm a "vegetarian" (I eat only animals) :) Though every time I get close to Doug, I get soooooo tempted....

I am going to make no excuses for us. We are just weird! Note the presence of the super double schnerple. We like to wear it and watch people's reactions. he he.

The schnerple makes you do crazy things!
Look out! An anklyosaurus is about to eat my boyfriend's hand!
And now it is about to get me!
Riding the giant worm. :)
We are on the giant worm together here... Damn we are cute!
This is in the Cockrell butterfly exhibit. Doug is trying to "make like a tree" (and leave...? ha ha) so the butterflies will land on him.
Did you know Marge Simpson had a brother??
I love this man!! He gives me butterflies - he he :)
This would have been a really good picture if it weren't for the random person in the background!
Doug made me breakfast when I was sick. What a total sweetheart he is!
You did not just say that to me!
Pretty please.... :)
Snuggling on New Year's Eve watching (making?) fireworks
See the fireworks we made! :)
And more fireworks!
I really love my sparkler!!
Sparklers are fun!
Sparklers make me jump for joy!
Madelyn loves sparklers too!!
Doug is going to make an awesome dad some day!!


Carrie Wilson Link said...

It's great to hear, and SEE, you look so happy! Happy new year!

Unknown said...

Thanks Carrie! It's funny how much the happiness shows in my pictures! :) Thanks for sharing in it, and here's to a joyful 2009 for you and your family too!! :)

Sus said...

Ya know girlie, if you two get any cuter we're gonna have to separate you both for the sake of humanity!! *giggle*

So dooo tell about the Emergen-C story?? I like the Tangerine flavor..yummmyy!

Unknown said...

awww thanks, we ARE cute aren't we? (and yes inseparable) lol. But he's going offshore for 2 mo soon, and I will be a lonely girl (though good for working on my book!) I will tell that story in my next blog post, tomorrow, ok? :)

Sus said...

how's 'bout putting a FeedBlitz subscribe button on this blog so that way I'll get kicked in the head and remember to come over here??!!

Unknown said...

Actually there is one! At the very bottom of the page there's a link that says "subscribe to feed" and it goes to and to be honest I'm not quite sure how to subscribe from there or if you can?? You can also put that into your Outlook I think? And there is also a thing where you can become a "follower". I don't know if that's the same or not. I know a couple people get it delivered by email so I know it's possible! :)