Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the saga continues

I miss this man! Two months is gonna be a loooong time! But he's worth it!

Here I am in the hospital, day 2. The saga has taken an interesting turn. This time last night the docs thought that I "may have had a stroke" (a small stroke, but still very scary!). Today, I am now less sure of my diagnosis - which is good if it's not a stroke, but bad cuz I like to know what the heck is going on! I had a brain MRI today and the neurologist thinks that it did not indicate a recent stroke. So that is good news, but neither he nor my primary doc had any suggestions then for what might cause the numbness. The numbness actually seems to be getting better. It still remains numb on my shoulder but it seems like it is reversing course... I'm not really numb on my leg anymore. So that's good.

Yesterday at about 11pm, I was moved to a shared overflow room with another woman who stayed up all night with the TV on, and during the day had her grandson (a baby who liked to cry a lot) with her. So needless to say I got about 4 hours of sleep last night and then could not really nap today. This afternoon they moved me to a normal patient room where I talked to my primary doc who didn't have any answers for me. So I'm staying another night and they did an MRI of my neck and middle spine. I thought I'd be doing that tomorrow but lo and behold they wheeled me down there about 6pm. I should add that about 2pm I started to feel kinda yukky, achy, fluey. I had a headache and they refused to give me Motrin because they were giving me aspirin for blood thinning (ONE per 24 hours!!).

I'm sorry but I'm on ASPIRIN and that is the only meds I'm taking and they won't give me Motrin? For crying out loud! And then get this, to get a heating pad they have to get DOCTORS ORDERS!! So they have to call the doc and get his permission. All I have to say is that this place is not run so efficiently... At one point, I asked for a 2nd pillow and it took 3 hours to get it, and that was with me asking 3 times. I would ask for water saying I was really dehydrated feeling and the nurse would say she'd be right there, and 20 min I'd go out in the hall and she'd be sitting there typing info into her computer. I know nurses are busy and there's lots to do, but I would think putting people first would be an important part of customer service...

OK enough whining. I am so blessed by all the friends who have sent me messages of support and love, and come by to visit and help out! Oh wait how could I forget the most important part? Stop reading if you are squeemish! When I was in the spinal MRI for 45 min and hearing all kinds of super louds pings and crashes (I swear it said badonkadonk at one point!! If you don't know what it is, google it! And I heard it on the Chapelle Show, which by the way, is hilarious!) Anyway so I was there feeling so close to vomiting that I was just telling myself don't move, don't move... suck it up, you can make it. I did have my little throw-up pouch in there with me, case I was gonna hurl, but the honest truth is I have an iron stomach and I RARELY throw up! So the tech finished up, and as soon as I stood up I was like, ooh I'm going to throw up where's a bathroom. Fast! So I ran in there and blehhhh three times I spewed great chunks of the food I'd eaten earlier. Don't you love when vomit comes out the nose? NOT!

So anyway am now even more confused. I have a fever now too. I do know a couple people who work and work out at the same gym I do have come down with serious illnesses, possibly viral, and have been admitted to hospitals in the last two days. They also have experienced some sort of muscular problems, numbness and inability to move limbs (a problem I have not had, gratefully).

So that's the scoop. Thanks for all the love and if you're inclined to visit, you should probably stay away so you don't catch it if it's contagious!! I hope to get out tomorrow... but I may not have any answers. Oh! Lullabies are playing - a baby was just born in the hospital!


Janine said...

I am SO sorry that this is continuing. I thought you were being released today!!!
I'm glad you have you're own room now.
I hope you get some sleep. I'll text you tomorrow to check on you.

Anonymous said...


What a shock!
This is not my favorite kind of adventure!
But it is what it is!
Stay Strong!
Keep us posted!
God Loves you!

Anonymous said...

I just read this and I am so, so sorry. :( I pray they find what is wrong, and that you heal quickly and are back on your feet! Vicki