Monday, December 29, 2008

the latest days

My days have been full, spending lots of time with Doug and with some friends. We had a very close call when I was in Oregon that Doug almost got called offshore, but then he didn't. Yay! I'm so happy to be home. My dad called on Christmas and was totally snowed in and without electricity and phone. He had walked to the top of the "hill" up the road where his cell phone gets reception to call to give me the scoop and wish me merry Christmas. He called again yesterday and had JUST gotten electricity back and his road plowed. So had I chosen to go there instead of to Portland from Tacoma, I'd have ended up stuck there until now! Soon Doug will be gone offshore (he works as a commercial diver on oil rigs) and my plan is to focus on writing my book.

I did a bit of research for it while in Tacoma. Watched the intelligent design documentary Expelled with my cousin and her husband and had an interesting discussion. I tried to meet with Casey Luskin of the Discovery Institute but he wouldn't after listening to my TX State Board of Education hearing testimony... this will go in the book... I am still interested in a dialogue...

Got Schnerples? This is our super schnerple machine. It allows us to read one another's minds. :)
We're schnerplicious babyyyy!
Schnerple for one.
Can you feel the schnerple in the air?
Eating Chick-fil-a earlier today. :)
This is what it looked like outside Annie Rose's front window in Portland - totally snowed in! I wished I'd caught a pic of some of the people cross-country skiiing down the road!
Doug and me at his apartment. Notice the 8x10s he has on his wall of us :) I took all these pics with my phone so forgive the quality.
We met my best friend Daline, who was in town for Christmas, and went bowling :) After bowling we went to Cafe East before I took Daline to the airport, and she got a great pic of me with the chopsticks in my mouth looking like a walrus. I can't wait til she emails it to me! lol.
Doug and I at the bowling alley.
Me hitting a strike! (ha ha) I did get two strikes, amazingly enough, but the rest of the time I totally sucked! :) It was fun though!
Doug bowled much better than I did!
The other night we played pool. I did much better at pool than bowling!!

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Carrie Wilson Link said...

We had so many people cross country skiing in front of our house, and STILL I managed NOT to get a picture, darn! Glad you're home safe and sound! We are just digging out!